Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oscar's First Bath and Murphy's Law.

It has been 11 months since I have had my current car. (His name is Oscar.) In that time I have never had it cleaned. I have had every intention of doing so, but every time I would go to the car wash the line was too long for me to wait. Finally, I decided that I would do it. I passed by the car wash and there was no line at all. I was afraid that it was closed. But it wasn't. So, I finally got the car cleaned. I was amazed at the difference it made. After such a bad winter, the salt and hard water certainly had built up. I could barely see anything in the side mirrors. After the wash and a little wiping, I've never seen better. There was so much more clarity and color. I liked it. I enjoyed my clean windows for a whopping total of one full day. In just over 24 hours, we got some more snow and rain. I should have figured that would happen.

Murphy's law is the idea that whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time, in the worst possible way. I always understood Murphy's Law to be unfortunate irony, but in a lighter more inconvenient way. Either way, it held true in this case. The worst possible time is certainly right after I got the car washed. Although, I think the worst possible way would have been a major, totaling accident or something.

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