Sunday, March 9, 2008

Dating Tip for Men.

You would think that working for a planning company that I would be more cognizant of activities and plans that I have scheduled. Sometimes I get proud and think that I can remember everything in my head. And every once in a while I am humbled when I make stupid decisions that prove that I can't remember everything.

I accepted an invitation to go to a play on the same night as the Relief Society birthday celebration. I look forward to the birthday party every year. As soon as I realized my mistake, I went to this guy to try to rearrange something. I was met with great indifference. Did I not express my desire to go to Relief Society enough? Did he not understand the significance of the event? He showed no sympathy for my predicament and no willingness to accommodate. It wasn't that I was rejecting him (although, after this I will), so I don't know why he reacted with such unfeeling. He was just dense and inflexible. Seeing that I was not going to get anywhere, I made it very clear to him that the ONLY reason that I was still going to go was to honor my commitment. Even then, I don't think he understood.

This is this the kind of reaction I would give if I were in his shoes. I would say, "Oh, I hate when I forget about a prior commitment. Don't worry about it. Go to the activity, and we can do something another time. I'll find someone else to go, so don't worry! It's fine." Even if I felt disappointed, I would much rather the other person be happy to do what he wanted. So, be it known that if you want to earn points, let her do the other thing, because if you show no interest in her preference, you will certainly lose points.

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