Saturday, March 8, 2008

Easter Dress Shopping.

I remember when I was much younger my mom would buy me a new dress for Easter. I think many people have this tradition. I am not sure how it started. I guess it makes sense that Easter represents a new beginning and so new clothes would correspond. Anyway, as the Easter holiday is approaching, the thought of buying a new dress crossed my mind. I thought about going to Ross or TJMaxx to see if they had anything worth while and cheap. I never really made time for it and the idea got pushed back in my mind. Well, I went out shopping with my sister, and after some time and on the way back to her apartment, we decided to stop by Costco.

I didn't really have any intentions of buying anything, but it is a rare occasion that I go to Costco and not buy anything, so I don't know what I was thinking. It so happened that they were having a dress event. Every once in a while Costco will host some event show featuring things like art or jewelry. This time it was dresses. The brand was Mikarose. I had never heard of it before. I think it is somewhat of a specialty brand, which may be why. They emphasize modest yet fashionable dresses, so I think they are worth supporting and publicizing. They sell stuff in bridal shops from what I understand. I think they were trying to get rid of last years inventory because when I looked it up online the collection they were selling was for 2007. Now there are some styles that are more trendy and don't last as long, but if it is a classic piece, then I really don't care if it is "last year." And, the prices were decent, thanks to Costco.

My sister and I got this same dress:

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