Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Plant Murderers!

I don't have pets. I think they are a little too hard to take care of for someone who is never home. So, I have lots of plants. A few of them I grew from clippings from other plants, but most of them I got...from the trash bin! Yes, I admit it, I've been dumpster diving. But what should be more shocking to you is that my work is full of plant murderers! Most of my plants I have gotten from the garbage. This is my most recent acquisition:

Now, is that any way to treat this plant? Sure, it is a little viny and malnurished, but it is a perfectly good plant. It will do nicely once I put it in some good soil. There is no reason for it to have been thrown away. If people could be held accountable for plant murder like they do people or even animals, there would be a lot of people paying hefty fines and doing community service. We have the ASPCA, why isn't there an ASPCP? Do plants not feel pain, do they not have a spirit? Sure they do. So why are people less caring and more dismissive of them? I don't understand.

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