Thursday, February 14, 2008

Another Commercial Holiday

Not that I want to complain and wine
But I’m not a fan of Saint Valentine.
I ‘m not sure who he was or how the tradition began,
So I make it through the best that I can.
It’s fine for couples or those who admire,
But for me, I feel like an ox in the mire.

If I decide to go out with no man in tow
I feel like people question why I’ve no beau.
I recognize my faults and don’t want to pass blame,
But maybe Cupid just has really poor aim.
Even the one time I did have a date,
It wasn’t much fun and now this day more I hate.

Still for those who have someone else
It’s not always easy to have whistles and bells.
It‘s a sensitive day when expectations aren’t met
Or when waiting for plans that will never be set.
Sometimes things are just awkward at best
And you end up disliking this day like the rest.

But companies love it because of the hype.
They make so much profit, money pours down their pipe.
The stores are stalked with chocolates galore
Even with no Valentine, I get fat all the more.
Restaurants benefit from the couples that dine.
Don’t forget chalk-textured hearts with “Be Mine.”

I never know what to do on this day
I’d really like to just go out and play.
But being surrounded by all the romantic cliché
And red and pink decorations of paper-maché,
Makes me want fight with my might
Against the lovebird conformists’ delight.

Maybe that’s what I don’t like about this day:
Commercialism has limited it to a certain way.
A lot could be done on this day of love.
People could live beyond and above.
But people ought to show love no matter the day
Not just when there’s pressure to act a certain way.

I look forward to the day when these feelings may change,
And a pleasant evening I could arrange.
Yet I wonder, even though a man come my way
If my non-conformism would still bear sway.
So instead of worrying about it one way or another,
I’ll just live the day better than any other.

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