Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Life Styles of the Rich and Famous.

Ok, maybe not famous, but certainly rich.

My sister and I went down to St. George for the extended weekend. They have the Parade of Homes down there about this time. I think they have it at this time to coordinate with the Presidents' Day holiday. I wouldn't have gone down just for that, but because we were having an unofficial mini family reunion, I thought it would be a good opportunity to see the family. My dad and his two brothers are really into looking at homes and learning what new architectural wonders and designs they have come up with. So, my dad drove up from Arizona, and my uncle, cousin, sister, and I came down from the north. My other uncle and aunt live in Hurricane, just 15 or so miles away, so it was a good meeting point. We had a good time visiting with each other.

As for the homes, some were small and simple, but there were those that were just over the top: bowling lanes and arcades games in a basement, lovers' hideaway, glass walls/windows, etc. Some of these things you would just have to see to believe. Unfortunately, I did not document them photographically as well as I wish I would have. Here are some pictures though.

This was the second Parade of Homes showcases that I have been to. The first one was in Park City over a year ago. I noticed certain trends as time has gone by. The first time I went, I was amazed that almost every house had a movie theater room. Now, it is so common that every house had one and I was not surprised by them. What I picked up most on this year, was all the seating. I'm not talking about seating in the theater room either. Almost every bedroom had a sitting area. Anywhere there was a little open space in the house, there were chairs. My question is, who has time to just sit around?!? Almost all the houses were designed for idleness, sitting and relaxing. I am hardly home enough to enjoy that luxury. Either these people must be well enough off to have retired early and just enjoy doing nothing, or it's all for looks. I would think that to be able to afford these homes, the owners must be working like crazy. Or maybe, I just don't understand the life styles of the rich.

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