Thursday, May 22, 2008

Working for a "New" Company.

The rumors finally came to fruition. I had heard that FranklinCovey was thinking about selling part of the company. Apparently, they had been thinking about it for many years. Well, today they called us all into a surprise meeting and announced that they just signed the papers that sold my half of the company to an investment firm, Peterson Partners. So, after the closing date (sometime in June or July) I will be working for FranklinCovey Products, LLC.

From what people say, this change will offer more opportunities to do things that before weren't "related" to our business. I think that as long as I have my job and get paid as much, I am ok with whatever. Hopefully it is true because I would like to branch into some other things.

There is one drawback, however. Because this new company is a private company and FranklinCovey remains a public company, we have to be physically completely separate. This means, I have to move. Right now I have a nice office with a window. Now, I have to move to a cubicle with no hope of seeing daylight. No more naps under the desk, no more closing the door for personal phone calls. It will be an adjustment, but I've had to deal with that before. I've gone from cubicle, to door, to door and window. I've come full circle.

This is my current office. (It's kind of messy because I just moved from my door only office.) I will have to post again after I move to the cube.

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