Friday, April 11, 2008

Compromising Integrity for a Water Bottle, That Or a Lack of Common Sense.

It had been ages since I had run outside. Every since I got my gym membership I have been running on the treadmill. However, ever since I decided to do the SLC half marathon, I made a concerted effort to start running outside. I decided that I really liked it. Time goes by much faster, and it just feels good to be outside. Another benefit is that the sweat evaporates more, and I am not left dripping like I just got out of the pool.

Also, it is quite convenient for me that I work across the street from a decent running trail. There is a path that goes around Decker Lake. One of the reasons I liked running at the gym was that the general public wouldn't see me. But I found that this little track was secluded enough that I felt comfortable with it. Granted, it does goes right past the I-215, but those people are driving so fast and wouldn't recognize me anyway.

Well, yesterday I went on my mid-week run around the lake. I have done maybe 8 or so runs there so far. And well, this is the first time that anyone has taken my water bottle. I certainly wouldn't leave anything valuable out there, but for some one to take a water bottle is quite low. Was he that thirsty that he would deprive a runner of her replenishment? I say, if you are going to steal something, make it worth it.

In disbelief that someone would compromise his integrity for some tap water, I thought of some other possibilities. But none of them dignified the water-taker. Maybe someone thought it was litter and disposed of it for me. Then I realized that only an idiot would think that. The bottle was nearly full and probably still cold. And with people running on the trail, one could only assume that the person had use for it and was coming back for it. Or maybe someone was just so thirsty that he couldn't wait to get his own water. Then I thought that someone who put himself in that situation would have taken the water and left the bottle. But there was no bottle to be found. My only other explanation would be the drunk boys that were fishing didn't have the functioning power to think otherwise.

Whatever the case was, someone wasn't thinking or doesn't have high enough principles to act honorably. Sure, I finished my run without dehydration. It wasn't a big deal. Obviously the person needed it more than I did. I am just ashamed that there are people like that out there.

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