Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ode to Havasupai

Dedicated to Kristin for planning and organizing the remarkable trip.

Bright and early we did meet
With our supplies quite replete.
Wal-mart was our first encounter
In the men's room one did wander.

We traveled down in two Toyotas
But they could not fit our sofas.
We tried to sleep with what we had
Though that made us somewhat mad.

Sister Stewart was so kind
To provide us lunch and ease our mind.
Then off we were to the hilltop.
On our way we made many a stop.

In Russian accents we did banter
And so the miles we did conquer.
Tiredness we did try to thwart
Laughing at wet wipes made to part.

When we arrived it was quite dark
And far away we had to park.
But what a sight to see the stars
And finally sleep outside the cars.

In the morning we all hiked down
On no one's face was there a frown.
Down switchbacks and over rocks
It would have been easier to go by ox.

We finally arrived at the village
And through our packs we did pillage.
Because it was about lunch time
And we were covered in red grime.

Then two more miles to the camp
With our foreheads very damp.
Finding a spot was a debate
But the separation we did hate.

Mountain House was our lunch food
Which put us in just the right mood.
So off we went to Mooney falls
Holding chains down steep walls.

The water was a bit cold at first
But before too long we were immersed.
The waterfall made quite a splash
And through the water we did dash.

Then back to camp for dinner and rest.
John played the harmonica at our request.
We slept uneasy 'cause the ground was flat,
And Trent thought he was awakened by a rat.

Havasupai was our next stop
The scenery made quite a backdrop.
We learned by reading on a sign
That the water is green because of lime.

After some playing in the water,
We went exploring over yonder.
We came upon an old mine cave
Where a pit was nearly our grave.

For lunch we thought we'd go authentic
With Navajo tacos that pleased the gastric.
Then back in the water we went to play
At Rock Falls for the rest of the day.

Will and Sara jumped off the top.
It was more than just a hop.
The three boys traversed Fifty Foot Falls
Because adventure to them calls.

Kristin and Christy found a small snake.
Over the cliff it did betake.
Then we met up at the campground
Where our things did still abound.

Then at night for our diversion
We played some games of face card version.
Christy gave up her best card
And all cried out and laughed so hard.

Chef John made some apple cobbler
That turned out to be a dazzler.
Then again it was time for bed
To look forward to the day ahead.

The next day was the holy Sabbath
Our Book of Mormons we all did hath. (ok, that's kind of a stretch)
We found out that it was Stake Conference
But had a lesson to ease our conscience.

Then to pack and say good bye
Because three girls left to fly.
They went their way in helicopter
Many a picture they did capture.

The rest of us hiked through the night,
And got to Vegas before it was light.
We slept upon the hard concrete
But taking a shower was such a treat.

Then for lunch we did unite
At the Bellagio, which was a sight.
We did not gamble our money away
But ate a hearty lunch buffet.

There was food of every type.
It was deserving of all the hype.
With stomachs full of our feast
We were satisfied to say the least.

Then 'round the strip we took our start
But made it back for the water art.
Then back to Utah we did begin
And camping we did finally win!

Looking back we had a blast.
It's too bad the fun can't last.
So the memories we will savor
And hope a return will be our favor.

Bug bites, we all had quite a few
And the toilets made us say "pee yew."
Our blisters needed Neosporin,
And the hammock kept John from snorin'.

Will was surely the best food packer
While Trent was the yoga master
A spider gave Kristin a fat hand
And all our shoes were filled with sand.

Christy's feet were covered in tape
And Kathryn photoed the landscape.
Sara had just so much fun,
And no one was burned by the sun.

Now with this poem you can recall
That despite everything you had a ball.
We'll all remain each others' friend.
Though our trip has come to its end.

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